Canvas Wall Art, Home Decor

Decorating with Vintage Posters

When you were young, did you put posters all over your walls? You likely took pictures from your favourite magazines or bought posters of your favourite bands and movies to put up. As you...

Home Decoration

Canvas Wall Art, DIY

Home Decorating Tips

Do you want to do something different with your interior design? You’ve had enough of decorating with creams and beiges. You want your walls to stand out. It’s time to bring your personality to...

Red Stars

Canvas Wall Art, DIY

Creative DIY Easy Art for Your Walls

Who said that DIY had to be difficult? You can get some beautiful and creative pieces with some of the simplest items. Many of these items you likely already have in your home, and...

Canvas Wall Art, Framed Wall Art

Words of Art – Typography Wall Art

Artwork is no longer pretty portraits and thought-provoking landscapes. Typography has become a work of art and there are many who place quotes and memories on their walls. Here are seven words of art...

Gallery Wall Tips

DIY, Framed Wall Art

Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Gone are the days where photos hang in line with each other. It’s time to take style and hanging tips from the art galleries. These methods will bring life to your images and work...

Home Color Schemes

Canvas Wall Art, Framed Wall Art

Beautiful Colour Schemes for Your Home

Décor is more than just choosing your favourite colour for the walls. You want to create a space that is appealing, strong, and empowering. That means using the perfect colour scheme for your likes...


Canvas Wall Art, Photography

Modern Photography

Photography has changed and developed over the years. New technology makes it possible to get clear images that were once a figment of the imagination. Movements around the world have shown that absolutely anything...

Canvas Wall Art, Home Decor

Find the Perfect Canvas Wall Arts for Your Room

Canvas portraits have become extremely popular. They’re modern and durable at the same time. They get rid of the need for glass frames, which means no glare. Rather than portraits, what about wall arts?...