Words of Art – Typography Wall Art

Artwork is no longer pretty portraits and thought-provoking landscapes. Typography has become a work of art and there are many who place quotes and memories on their walls. Here are seven words of art options to inspire your typography wall art.

Make Visitors Feel Special

When visitors come through the door, you want to make it look like you’re happy to see them. Even when you have a bad day, good typography will work. Opt for “welcome” across the middle with a beautiful border. While you want the lettering to be bold, the border needs to be bright. Work with the colour of your walls to find a border colour that stands out without clashing.

Welcome Wall Art

Frame Your Favourite Quote

One of the quickest ways to get artwork on the wall is through a photo frame. You don’t need to paint the actual wall, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go. If you’re renting, this is the perfect way to avoid incurring fees for repainting. Grab your favourite quote, print it off, and pop it in a frame. Make the letters in the artwork bold. The idea is that you feel strong and confident every time you see it.

Typography Wall Art

Keep It Simple

The simplest of word art will bring confidence and happiness. Find a two or three letter quote that empowers you whenever you look at it. Words like “be brave,” “dare to dream,” and “strong heart,” are all popular options. Circle the wording with an image that works with the actually words. This “Be Brave” wall art is circled by arrows, linking to the Disney movie Brave and the idea that warriors are the bravest of all.

Living Room Typography

Just Opt for the Words

Hand-painted wording on a wall is one of the quickest ways to get permanent artwork. This is perfect for those who will stay in their home for years to come, without worry about charges by landlords. Pick your favourite quote and hand-paint it on a wall that you look at all the time. You can choose the typography style to suit the quote and your preferences. There are plenty of painters who would love to create this typography mural if you’re worried about your handwriting abilities.

Canvas Wall Art

Use Colour to Stand Out

The majority of typography is done in black or white. These shades are simple and cheap. But what about when you want something that is bright and colourful? What about something that is perfect for a child’s room or something you want to stand out easily? It’s time to choose colours for your typography. While you work with the colours of your décor, you always want to work with the wording and colours that make you feel good.

Kids Room Wall Art

Make a Shape

Heart shapes are extremely popular for typography word art. There’s something beautiful and symmetrical about a heart that makes everyone feel at ease and happy. Put your quote into a shape that makes you feel good. Don’t forget to choose a colour that works with the shape.

Red Heart Typography Art

Be Bold with a Frame

Rather than buying a frame, make one with paint. Use a bold colour to create a rectangle (or shape of your choice) and then paint the words directly onto it. You’ll get to use beautiful lettering, while making sure the attention is drawn to it immediately.

It’s time to get motivated and feel strong in your own home. Words of art are the best way to do that, especially with so many options to add them to your home.



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