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Gallery Wall Tips

Gone are the days where photos hang in line with each other. It’s time to take style and hanging tips from the art galleries. These methods will bring life to your images and work for all types of wall space, especially the awkward ones. Here’s a look at 10 tips for creating a gallery wall.

Follow the Angle of the Stairwell

Start by using your stairwell to your advantage. Rather than try to keep the photos in line with each other, follow the line of the stairwell, filling gaps with smaller frames to add more life and soul to your home. Keep to the same colour and style of frame to really make your photos stand out. You could even use images from the same photo shoot or of the same holiday to add a little uniform. This is also a method that works for angular ceilings. You just follow the shape of the ceiling.

Stairwell Gallery Wall

Use Multiple Frames in One

You can now buy frames that have a gallery style. This will help to keep your creative needs to a minimum. All you need to do is fill in the gaps and hang your beautiful frame wherever you like. These types of frames come in all shapes and sizes making it easy to hang anywhere in the home.

Multiple Picture Frames

Get the 3D Look

Whoever said that photos had to sit next to each other or have a gap between them didn’t know the futuristic style. It’s time to overlap your photos and create a 3D look. This is excellent with images from the same photo shoot or even to create a type of jigsaw with one blown up image to make sure certain elements stand out more. Use frameless holders for this type of look.

Nature Photography

Mix and Match Similar Coloured Frames

Many galleries don’t opt for the same type of frame throughout a wall. They will choose different styles with the same colours, especially wood or metal frames. Look for patterned options and don’t be afraid to put an oval frame next to a couple of square or rectangular frames.

Framed Wall Art

Reverse the Stairs

If you don’t want to follow the flow of the stairway, you can opt for a reverse look. You’re literally tipping your stairs upside down with the shape of your photo gallery layout. This is an excellent option when you have photos of the family that you want to put in pride of place. If you want to use the space under the stairs, you can stick to the normal stair line with straight edges parallel to your wall and floor.

Gallery Wall

Stick to the Same Colour, Different Sizes

Rather than getting different types of frames, just get different sizes in the same colour. It doesn’t matter if you opt for white, black, metal, or something that will stand out against your otherwise bare walls. Create a simple geometric pattern with your mix of sizes to look like your photos are on a gallery wall.

Gallery Framed Typography

Create a Banner Across the Middle

Take the above idea of same colour in different sizes, but change the way you lay out the images. You still want a geometric pattern without straight edges from photo to photo, but you want to create a banner across the middle of your wall. It can go all the way along a bare wall, creating plenty of space above and below.

Gallery Wall Art

Have One Taking Pride of Place

Opt for a special frame in the middle of your wall. Now put other frames around it. The multiple other frames should be the same colour and style as each other, but you want that middle frame that takes pride of place to be completely different. The idea is that it stands out from all the rest, drawing the eye to image. Try putting the main family photo in the middle, with images of individual family members or shots in the smaller frames surrounding.

Multiple Frames

Choose a Narrow Poster Gallery on a Narrow Wall

When you have a narrow wall space, you may be tempted to only put one photo up. However, choose a range of poster style frames and sizes and put them together in a narrow collage. You can even paint the wall darker than the rest and use matching frames to draw the attention to this special and proud part of your home.

Go All Out with Different Frames

You don’t need to stick to the same colours, shapes, or designs if you don’t want. Why not grab different types of frames for all your photos. You can have stripy fabric ones, glittery homemade ones, and even vintage styles. Create a geometric pattern for a large wall in your space. The bright the colours the better, especially in a bedroom. The styles will instantly put a smile on your face when you wake up.

Different Frames

It’s time to make your photo frames look like an art gallery. Gone are the days where all the frames have to be in line with each other and look perfect. Get creative with the layout and work with angular ceilings and stairwells to make sure your photos and images take pride of place.

These tips aren’t just for photos either. You can follow them for all types of artwork, depending on what you want to take pride of place in your home.



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