Modern Photography


Photography has changed and developed over the years. New technology makes it possible to get clear images that were once a figment of the imagination. Movements around the world have shown that absolutely anything is art in the eye of the beholder. It’s time to use modern photography and artwork to your advantage in these ways.

Black and White Photography

Let’s start with one style that remains the same. Black and white photography was once the only way to get an image. While colours are now possible, there is something simple and relaxing about a black and white image. It brings the feeling of timelessness to it.

You can use all types of images for your black and white artwork. Zebras, a photography of a pier, or even the local skyline are all popular options. Choose something that you enjoy looking at. You’ll be surprised at the ways these image stills can empower and excite.

Black And White Photography

Blurry Images of Life Passing By

Blurry photography is known as “Bokeh” art. It’s a Japanese style that mixes a standing image with the blurriness or fuzziness of life passing it by. One of the most commonly used options is of a yellow taxi cab racing through the streets of New York City. The cab is the main focus, with the lights of the city blending together in a mesmerising style.

Bad bokeh is common. In fact, we’ve all likely experienced it. Skilled photographers know the perfect moment and setting to help make even the fuzzy lights look clear. They’re full of action and make you want to live life to the fullest.

Not all images will need to have something that stands out. Blurry images of city skylines at night are just as popular.

Modern Photography

Contemporary Pieces of Art

Do you have a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Maybe you’re a fan of the New York skyline before the Twin Towers were destroyed. These contemporary pieces of art are available around the world—and of around the world.

You can get snaps of tall buildings from below, looking up into the sky. Some of the images are more like portraits of a beautiful sunrise occurring over an unknown lake.

There are some images that are photoshopped or have added colour. They use purples and reds to make certain elements stand out in a sea of black and white. These individual images draw you in. The more you look at them, the more you see something that you have never seen before.

Many of these images are taken with high dynamic quality. The settings come to life in your own home.

Some of the most beautiful contemporary pieces will take individuals or items out of their usual places. There’s a mix of styles blended into one, such as a ballerina under a graffiti bridge. You don’t just need to use contemporary pieces in contemporary spaces. They stand out amazingly in rustic and art deco spaces.

Contemporary Photography

Abstract Pieces

Let’s not forget about abstract art. This has grown in popularity over the years. At one point it was splashes of paint on a wall, creating unique images and views for individuals. Everyone saw or gained something different from it. Now it’s all about using items and capturing life with a lens.

You can get close ups of individual items, like fans or hats. Allow the person viewing the photography to see the strands and elements that make up the items.

Others will take photos of water droplets on a wall or glass. There’s the chance to bring the droplets to life. Depending on the source of lighting for the droplets, they can stand out or blend in with the colours of the wall or background.

Let’s not forget about canyon caves and marble murals. They all include shapes and colour blends that can’t be seen from anywhere else. There’s a beauty in it that leaves people peaceful and relaxed.

Abstract Photography

Abstract Photo

Nude Artwork

Nudity is a thing of beauty, especially when photographed well. While there are many who will say the opposite, with modern photography there is nothing pornographic or sadistic about nude artwork. The models are placed in positions that will generally cover up their most private parts. The details are left to the imagination of the viewer.

Most nude art is in black and white. There is an abstract style at the same time, allowing individuals to see something different at the same time. The focus is on the looks in the eyes or the way the hair falls around shoulders.

Think of it as fine art that is beautifully taken. It’s something that has been around for centuries, and has always been a thing of beauty. With reputable photographers, the models are all always over 18 offering full consent for the pieces.

Nude Artwork

Modern photography is a thing of beauty. There are so many different styles and creative ideas, depending on the skills and interests of the photographer. There is something to gain by the beholder, as new worlds open and sights are viewed in ways never experienced before.

Think about your style and photographic preferences. What do you want to gain from your modern photography experiences in your home?



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