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Do you want to do something different with your interior design? You’ve had enough of decorating with creams and beiges. You want your walls to stand out. It’s time to bring your personality to your living space, while creating a soulful and pleasant experience for all.

Of course, you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on an interior designer. You need a few quick tips that won’t leave you in debt and wishing you’d stopped at the first wall.

Here are some of the best home decorating tips, using simple items and quick fixes so your home tells the perfect story.

Work With White Furniture

Nothing brings out colour better than white. Make your tables, chairs, and ornaments all white. The colour of your walls will instantly stand out.

White also brightens up the room. You instantly feel happier. When the sun shines through it will reflect, rather than absorb straight into the darkness of furniture.

If you don’t want to buy all new items, use throws and cushions to brighten up your living space instantly.

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Get the Brick Wall Look

How about pulling one of the walls of a room right back to the brick? This works extremely well in the dining room or den, where one wall can become an instant focal point for the room. If you have the nerve, you could also strip all the walls of a room, especially in your bedroom, right back to the brick.

When you’re not too certain about stripping the plaster off, you could opt for painting the breaks on instead. This will take some time and you will likely need to hire a professional for that.

With the wall that’s brick, hang up a photo or create a gallery wall on it. This will help to draw more attention to this specific space. Work with frames and artwork that continues the rustic appeal.

Brick Wall

Work with Photo Galleries

Gone are the days where you use photos in line along the wall. This is too symmetrical and uniform. There’s something sharp and dark about it.

You want the softer, gallery style approach instead. Think about art galleries and how the photos tend to flow together. A large one can be surrounded by multiple small ones with no symmetry, helping the large one stand out.

Do this with your own photo frames. You don’t even have to worry about matching frames to make the photo gallery work. It’s perfect for long and narrow walls!

Photo Frames

Paint Your Favourite Saying

Do you have a positive quote that you adhere to every day? Maybe there’s a saying from a TV show that you hold close to your heart? You love the quotes so much that you want them tattooed on you, but it’s time to something a little less permanent: pop the quotes on your wall instead.

There are a few ways you can do this. The quickest is by painting your favourite quote directly onto the wall. Use fancy calligraphy is a colour that stands out base on the colouring of your wall and other items around.

Another option is to print the quote out. You can have it printed onto canvas or just use card and frame it. The benefit of a poster or canvas is that the typography can go wherever you want!


Use Shelves to Create a Retreat

As technology grows more common, people are constantly on the hunt for areas to escape to. You can make a space in your own home. Make it completely tech free and open it out for everyone in the family.

Shelving units can help to create this retreating space. Create beautiful oak shelves or opt for vintage wooden looks. Place your favourite books, signs, ornaments, and collections along the shelves.

This is a safe space for anyone visiting. Have some comfortable relaxed seating, like bean bags and deep love seats to finish off the look.

Add in some floor pillows in the space. This will help to remove the need for bulky furniture and allow the person in the room to sit wherever they would like. The pillow can be moved towards the window to watch the rain fall or in the middle of the room for feeling of openness and brightness.

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Add a Chalkboard or Two

Sometimes the smallest thing will put a smile on the face. This last home decoration tip is cheap and easy to use. It’s time to pull out the chalkboards.

You can now get a range of shaped chalkboards from your local arts and craft store. Add a flower shaped option near the back garden or a small, vintage style sign in the dining room.

Don’t forget to add the chalk next to the board. Allow people to add messages on it for the others in the house. Children will love the chance to create funny sayings, while you get to put a smile on everyone’s face with the quote for the day.

While you can get a practical use from chalkboards, try not to use all for leaving reminders for everyone. You want something fun and bright in your home.


Home decoration tips don’t have to be costly. Some will be more extravagant and permanent than others, but there are plenty of cute, little ideas to add fun and brightness to your home. It’s time to get creative and let personalities shine through.



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