Find the Perfect Canvas Wall Arts for Your Room

Canvas portraits have become extremely popular. They’re modern and durable at the same time. They get rid of the need for glass frames, which means no glare.

Rather than portraits, what about wall arts? How about paintings and posters that you can have printed onto canvas? It’s time to find the perfect canvas wall arts for each room in your house.

The Benefits of Canvas Wall Arts

Let’s just look at some of the benefits of canvas first. One of the biggest, as mentioned, is the lack of glare. You will be able to see the image no matter where it is in your home. The sun can shine through but you don’t get the reflection of it through the glass. You won’t see yourself when you look at the image, and instead will get to glimpse at the actual photo or painting.

Canvas works for all styles of houses. It’s one of the most versatile options. You can get vintage framing for them or opt for a lack of frame to focus on the modern styles.

By being durable, the works of art aren’t effect by sun damage. They’re not as easily broken, as long as you don’t slice through them! If they fall off the wall accidentally, they won’t need replacing.

Now it’s time to find the perfect pieces of wall art for your canvases. Here’s a look at some of the best ideas.

Keep It Simple with Nature

Get a canvas print of a beautiful flower painting or choose a gorgeous view of a meadow. There’s something about nature that brings a smile to the face, even when you look at it through an image.

You very rarely get a dull day in a portrait. It’s possible to escape the problems of real life and you just get to focus on the vibrant, light colours. There’s this ability to escape in another world and forget about all your fears and worries.

Even just the simplest of sunflowers will put a smile on the face.

The benefit of nature on canvas is you can do it in two ways. A painting is a beautifully vintage option, but you can also stick with modern photography. It depends on the focus of your home and the features of the canvas that you want to gain from.

Sunflower Painting

Flower Canvas Art

Choose Your Favourite Locations

Get a photo of your favourite locations blown up onto canvas. You can have weird and wonderful angles of the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and Tower Bridge. Or you can just stick to the usual skyline blown up to make you feel like you’re really there.

Black and white or colour will work for your needs. With the black and white photos, you get an antique feeling. There’s an element of history coming to life before your very eyes.

When choosing colour, think about ways to make them vibrant and exciting. Consider one item as a focal point with the rest of the lights blurry. You’ll feel like you’re moving through a city and get a unique view of the area around the photographer. There’s also excitement, making it an excellent option for the dining room or kitchen.

Canvas Wall Art

Get Something Cute and Cheerful

You don’t always want something serious and natural in your home. How about some cute, cartoon-type images printed onto a canvas? When you’re looking for something to place in the nursery, this is definitely a canvas that you want to opt for.

There are various cute images around. You can go for owls, giraffes, monkeys, and so much more. Choose something that works with the other items you’ve bought for the nursery. Choose something that works with the name or a nickname you’ve given.

Cute Wall Art

Work in the Collages

Find an item that you adore and work a few collages together for your canvas. This could actually be one large image that is cut up into smaller sections and rearranged to look unique. Each image is a standalone option, but together they tell a bigger story.

You can do this with one type of item. Alternatively, you can get a large photo of the family and cut it down into separate images.

Another option is to piece a collage together of one photo shoot taken as a family. Opt for a central image of everyone together and piece the individual items around it. If you’re going to use a particular item, like the coffee above, make the middle section the focal point to make the subject extremely clear. You can then work the other images around it to finish the story.


Go Abstract

The last idea is to just go abstract. Find your favourite abstract painting and have it printed on canvas. This idea works for every single room in the house. You can get water colours in the bedroom or individual itemed portraits around the dining room.

Abstract paintings bring all types of emotions to the surface. Make sure you get the right emotions for the room you’re putting it in. You don’t want to feel sad from the image every time you walk into the bedroom.


It’s time to pull out the canvases. They offer a beautiful way to add more character to your home. They’re affordable and durable, creating a versatile way to add all types of images to every room in the house.



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