Decorating with Vintage Posters

When you were young, did you put posters all over your walls? You likely took pictures from your favourite magazines or bought posters of your favourite bands and movies to put up. As you got older, you moved away from the use of posters, but they’re not just for the young (or the young at heart).

Vintage posters are an excellent way to decorate your home and add personality. You just have to do it right and use the right type. Here’s a look at all you need to know about decorating with vintage posters.

Frame Your Posters

If you want to escape the feeling of being 12 again, you can make your posters look a little more grown up. The use of frames turns your posters into prints. Make sure your frame matches the style of your vintage poster. Try out wooden frames or ornamental styles. If you really want a modern frame, stick to a plain black or white outer to keep the attention on the poster.

When you frame your posters, don’t just place them up in line with each other. Create a beautiful gallery wall. Work similar types of posters—such as themes or specific movies/actors—together within each individual gallery section.

Paris Vintage Wall Deco

Use a Wooden Board Look

Pick a wall for one single poster. This should have a wooden board style. You can now get specific images printed or painted onto wood. You don’t want to frame this type of vintage poster, unless you opt for a worn wooden frame. The beauty is in the style.

If you can’t get it done on wood, have it done on canvas. Make sure the printing has a wooden texture or style to it when looking, including the grooves and natural staining that occurs on wood.

This is an excellent option for the doorway to the patio or for a den in the house. You can use vintage beach signs and images to create a sense of brightness and playtime in the area.

Wooden Wall Art

Split Up the Poster for Separate Canvases

The new way of using vintage posters is by splitting it up. A straight line is cut, almost tearing the poster up into three or four pieces. The exact amount will depend on the size.

If you have a poster that is longer than wider, consider vertical splits. If you have a wider poster, you’ll want to split it horizontally. You could also opt for block splits across the centre, especially if you have a square poster.

Get the poster printed on a canvas. This will offer extra support, especially once you’ve starting breaking it up. Hang it so there are small gaps where the splits are. When you step back, you will see the whole poster.

Get a little creative with the way the poster hands. You can hand some sections lower than the others. Only doing it slightly, so at a distance you can still see the whole image.

Go for the Metal

How about metal signs? These aren’t commonly used, but they make excellent conversation starters. You can use signs that would have traditionally been placed in a garage or outside a bar. Some people even use vintage road signs or power plant signs.

Metal is more durable, which means it won’t need cleaning or protecting as much. However, if you want to protect it, you can put it in a frameless or white-framed photo frame. Just keep the frame to a minimum to focus on the vintage signs.

If you don’t really like metal, look out for old bar signs. There is the option of getting small neon signs if you really want to get the conversation flowing.

These types of signs work excellent in the dining room or kitchen, depending on where you’re most likely going to entertain guests. You want the signs to be where everyone else will see them.

Metal Vintage Poster

Dinning Wall Ar

Get the Old Film and Theatre Signs

It’s time to look at the vintage signs and posters that were placed in and around theatres and films. Don’t forget film festival or concert signs and posters, too.

These can be memorabilia from old concerts or may just be mock-up signs that were traditionally used. Extra points are awarded for the old-school, original wooden signs that were hung or placed out.

You can pop these in your dining room. However, if you have a den or a TV room, place them there. They also work extremely well if you have a vintage TV collection or even a fan room for all your awesome geekiness.

Vintage Old Film Poster

Keep It Light for a Child’s Room

The baby’s nursery is often overlooked. You want to add items that the child will enjoy. Well, it’s time to look at ice cream parlour signs or beach signs.

These are bright and colourful, creating the perfect atmosphere for your baby. They’re also gender neutral, even if they are covered in pinks, reds, or blues. The benefit of the posters is that they promote an ice cream, an item for the beach, or even some popcorn.

Hang your posters up high enough and away from cribs. Use frames for these to avoid the risk of them falling into the wrong hands.

Vintage Poster

Childs Room Wall Art

It’s time to add some excitement to your home. Vintage posters are the perfect addition for every single room of the house. Throw back to the 1950s and earlier!



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