Creative DIY Easy Art for Your Walls

Red Stars

Who said that DIY had to be difficult? You can get some beautiful and creative pieces with some of the simplest items. Many of these items you likely already have in your home, and off cuts are just right for you DIY needs. Here are 11 creative and easy art ideas for your walls.

Hang a Scarf on the Wall

Scarves aren’t just for keeping you warm in the winter. They make beautiful accessories on the body. You can take that idea to the living space. Get a scarf that uses colour and artwork to stand out and open it up. Hang it in pride of place. It looks like you have an expensive piece of art and everyone will want to know where they can get something too.

DIY Scarf on the Wall

Lace on a Canvas

Now it’s time to grab some lace. Just a simple white piece will make your DIY come to life. Get a canvas in a different colour and just hand you lace in a beautiful pattern. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Create something that you’re proud of. After all, you’re the one who will look at it all the time.

Lace Wall Art

Add Wallpaper to Photo Frames

Over time, a photo frame can start to look old. It may have been dropped, so has chips in places. Don’t throw it out! You can revitalise it with some of that left over wallpaper from decorating a few years ago—or just get off cuts from stores or friends.

Gently wrap the wallpaper around the frame and tape it at the back—the part that isn’t seen unless you take the photo frame down. You can change the wallpaper as often as you’d like with this easy DIY style.

Framed Wallpaper

Use an Old Window Frame

You can find photo frames from the craziest of sources. How about getting an old window frame? If the glass isn’t broken that’s a bonus, but it’s easy to buy new glass to fit into the frame. The benefit of an old wooden window frame is that you get a quick rustic appeal in your home without spending a fortune in a DIY store.

Bedroom Wall Art

Paint a Watercolour Pixel

Pixel photos are beautiful. You get to see this blurry image that is both captivating and creative. And you only need a simple image of something like a rose to do it.

The quickest way to get a beautiful image is by creating it on the computer. Take a photo that you like and pixelate it with a photo editor. Print it off and use it as your guide to paint the image on your wall.

Watercolour Pixel

Kitchen Wall Art

Go Simple with Abstract

Make your own abstract art on your wall. It’s extremely simple to do, with these beautiful ideas to get you started. You get to choose your favourite colours and styles to make sure you get the feeling and emotions that you need from the artwork.

Be as creative or as simple as you’d like. All you need is a paintbrush, some paint, and your imagination to get started.

Abstract Painting

Cover in Stars

It’s time to add a dreamy feeling to your wall. Stars are beautiful, whether they’re in a gorgeous red to match your colour scheme or a bright yellow to make you smile. To make sure you get matching stars, create a template with card and place it on the wall space. All you need to use is a brush or dabber to add the paint to your walls.

Picture Art

Get Dotty

Like with the stars, dots can also help to bring some creativity and brightness to a room. This DIY option is perfect for the nursery or a child’s room, especially with multicoloured dots. As you would with the stars, create a template with card and place over the wall. You can just paint over the template to make sure your gaps are even and the dots are all uniform.

Uneven dots don’t look as bad as uneven stars. In fact, they can be fun for a child’s room—and you can even get children to help with this DIY art!

Polka Dot Art

Add Typography to Frames

Create a gallery wall with a simple black-lined gallery style frame. Now you get to put your own typography into the framed sections, mixing together your favourite quotes and lines from authors, TV shows, celebrities, and more. Create something that is empowering to fill you with confidence every day.

Work Art

Paint Some Zig-Zags Across the Walls

There are plenty of people using straight horizontal or vertical lines, but it’s time to do something different. Zig-zags are the lines that you want to paint for something more creative but still simple. Create a template with card to help get the spacing just right and keep the artwork as easy as possible. Choose three colours that work together and alternate between them.

Zig-Zag Art

Place Sombreros on the Wall

Did you know that beautiful walls don’t just have to be created with photos or paint? It’s time to get a range of sombreros (or other types of hats) and use them to your advantage. Make sure they’re in different colours and sizes and place them on a bold orange wall to bring a taste of Mexico to your home.

Sombreros on Wall

Get creative and use DIY to your advantage. There are some many beautiful but simple options to bring life to any room.



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