Beautiful Colour Schemes for Your Home

Home Color Schemes

Décor is more than just choosing your favourite colour for the walls. You want to create a space that is appealing, strong, and empowering. That means using the perfect colour scheme for your likes and personality. Here are seven beautiful colours schemes for your home.

Start with the Basic Black and White

There is something to be said for the timeless black and white style. These two colours go hand in hand with each other, standing out and flawlessly working together. Depending how you use them, either colour can stand out and draw attention. Simple white cushions and throws on a black couch will draw the attention in, while a black piece of abstract art on a white background stands out the most.

Work the two colours together with ease. There’s no need to use stripes or polka dots if you don’t want. In fact, too much pattern can become distracting with the two colours. Work with a background for one to allow the other to pop.

Black And White Living Room


Use a Bold Colour on Its Own

Prevent your colour scheme clashing with the use of one bold colour. You want no other shades or colours (bar black and white) in your home to make sure the bold colours strike and pop at all times. If you want, you can opt for just one wall in a bright orange or yellow, making it feel like summer when you look at it. The rest of the walls can be white or cream.

Avoid placing too much on your bold coloured walls. You want the brightness to do the talking. A few white framed photos will be just right.

Orange Living Room

Draw Attention with the Red

Red definitely stands out in a room. However, you can use it too much. Like with the bold orange above, you want to keep the colouring amounts to a minimum. Simply stick to just the walls (or even just one wall) to avoid overpowering and taking away from the confidence and happiness that the shade will bring.

If you want to add a little bit of extra red to the room, keep it minimal in paintings or other artwork. It needs to be the same shade as the walls. To make this work, take the artwork to the paint store with you to get the perfect match.

Red Wall Room

Work Three Colours Around the Living Room

Peace is important in the living room. This is one of the spaces that you will spend the majority of your time, so it needs to be pleasant and inviting. Using three different colours that all work together is essential. Black and white are the easiest to combine with any other colour.

Make sure your wall art matches the colour scheme. Look out for abstract art that utilises all three colours gently.

In this case, sand with black and white work the best together. The sandy shades stand out against the monochrome colours, while leaving you feeling relaxed and comfortable. You can also opt for mustard colours in place of the sand, depending on your personal preferances.

Colour Scheme for Your Home

Simple Red and White

Of course, black and white is the simplest of all, but you can replace one of those colours with anything else. Replace the black with some red and create a romantic and relaxing bedroom colour scheme. There are so many ways that you can incorporate the two colours.

Start with a white bed cover set with some red throws or cushions. You can then add red artwork and items around, such as a red lampshade or red clock. Don’t forget to finish it off with a beautiful painting on your wall. A tree with red leaves on a white background is simple and soft.

You only need a little red for this to work. Make certain parts of the room stand out with the bold but romantic colouring.

Bedroom Decor

Add Green to Your Charcoal and White

As mentioned, three colours together work well but they need to avoid clashing. Charcoal and white will work perfectly with shades of green. Try out lighter shades to stand out from the deepness of the charcoal.

There are a variety of ways that you can make this colour scheme work. It’s best when there are minimal items of green, such as a border painted to stand out or a couple of throws on a bed or couch. The idea is to draw full attention to these intricacies in the home.

You’ll definitely bring a taste of summer to your home with green.

Bedroom Ideas

Stick with Classic White and Pink

Finally, it’s time to go back to one of the classics. White and pink is a popular option for many young girls growing up. It appeals to the feminine side without being too romantic. Light shades of pink are soft and appealing, offering the perfect style for any room in the home.

Opt for a simple heart painted on the wall or in a white frame and then add a soft white couch to your living room. You can use pink throws and cushions to help make the colouring stand out against the clean and crisp white.

If you want to add a third colour, coral blue is popular and works well with the pink.

Heart Wall Art


It’s time to get creative. Think about the type of feeling you want to bring with your artwork and colour scheme.



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